You Can Still Go Live

With recent global events and industry challenges we at Go Live Group want you to also Go Live. We are supporting our clients not only through the short-term challenges of cancelled and postponed events but also the future landscape of live communication.

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There has inevitably been lots of interest for webinars and virtual events as an enabler, technology that has been around for a long time and proven to be effective…. if done well. That Go Live button should only be clicked if you’re ready to think differently.

To support your events, we have a selection of scalable solutions to enable your dialogue and events program and continue to reach your delegates with or without a live audience. We are introducing GoStudio to support you.

Professional Webinar Delivery

High quality professional support that enables you carry on delivering events. We will work with you to select the correct platform for maximum delegate engagement and safe content delivery in a variety of environments including offices, studios and hire-space. Here are the key areas and features we offer and can support you with.

Studio Event

Running your event as a closed audience studio shoot with a newsroom or chat show feel. This retains your panelist speaker slots in a controlled, audience-free environment. Studios can be set up in hired spaces, client offices, sponsor firms meeting spaces or in existing booked venues to avoid any cancellation charges.

Live Web Cast

All content and sessions can be live streamed to registered delegates. We will create rich and informative sessions using multiple cameras alongside slides and other screen content. Speaker names, session titles and other live graphics can be overlaid on-screen to provide a quality broadcast that will help retain engagement and look after your brand.

Q&A, Polling and Chat

Features of the web stream include live Q&A, live chat and interactive polling. This encourages participants to be involved and interact for instant feedback promoting delegate engagement. We can also embed exiting interactive sites such as Slido amongst others.


We understand that sponsorship is vital for a successful event. We can integrate many sponsorship exposure points into what the delegate will view. This can range from stand alone advertisements and sponsored sessions to weblinks on the stream page and event agendas, plus many more opportunities.


You will have the option to fully brand not only the web platform but also the entire studio keeping your event identity throughout the broadcast. This enhances the professionalism of the GoStudio event and retains what most live events set out to do – creating brand awareness and upholding a standard of production.

On-demand Content

As everything is filmed and captured, you have the option to distribute on-demand content and collect feedback. This can be shared through your own channels and websites or hosted by GoStudio. This is great for a follow-up and also builds a library of live content and highlights for social platforms.

Studio Space

Studios can be created in virtually any space including offices, meeting rooms or client booked venues. We can also offer local studio space suitable to host a GoStudio event of any scale and currently have a list of over 30 suitable spaces in London and this is growing daily.

Upcoming Add-ons

With advancing technology, we will be able to add in functionality such as VR experiences, 360 camera selection, green screen presenters and many more user interactive options. This will ‘Go Live’ as an upgrade in the near future.

Go Live With Us

As we are focused on supporting you and making sure a solution is perfect for your needs, we only offer bespoke packages. You may also have some of what we offer in place that we can work with, but our main aim is to uphold brand and production standards through advice and knowledge.

Get in Touch

Basic Webcasting


Support on basic webinars and streaming sessions from office locations or using home kit. Great for the short term whist social restrictions are in place.

Studio Event


Studio environment web streams with on-demand features. This level of production will include branded sets, professional cameras and AV, stage managemet and turnkey streaming support in office or hired locations.

Live Virtual Conference


Full studio environment including multi feature virtual conference platform . On-demand content and registration managemet.

“We’ve worked with the GoLive team for a number of years on a range of events. They’ve always provided first-rate technical support and advice for both in-house seminars and webinars”.

Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, London