Coronavirus is presenting the events industry with an unprecedented challenge. Upcoming events are being postponed or even cancelled. However, for most it’s business as usual, and we are reassuring our clients that we are taking precautions against the spread of the coronavirus disease.

As an event production company, Go Live Group are a health and safety conscious organisation. Therefore we have issued our clients and partners with a statement to confirm the steps we’re taking to tackle the potential spread of coronavirus.

Our precautions against coronavirus.

Some of the measures we are taking to prevent potential spread of the virus whilst on-site includes:

  • Washing hands when arriving at the venue
  • Cleaning any shared equipment such as lecterns, microphones or iPads with anti-bacterial products before and after use
  • Washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds after using venue washrooms
  • Putting used tissues in the bin straight away and washing hands for 20 seconds afterwards
  • Shielding coughs and sneezes and washing hands for 20 seconds afterwards
  • Not to shake hands
  • Washing hands before and after eating
  • Always using a High quality and lightweight face shield when going out
  • Any team member that has shown signs of potential symptoms to stay home
  • If any team member has travelled through a category 1 Coronavirus risk country to stay home

These preventative measures are simple but effective in stopping the spread of the virus. We will continue to monitor for changes in recommendations about prevention and will follow guidance from health and government offices. We are also accepting feedback from our clients on their policies or requirements for prevention at their live event.

In the case of an event that has been postponed, we are working closely with our clients to ensure any costs are mitigated and losses are kept to a minimum.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our preventative measures or terms and conditions.

What are the top preventative measures you are making during this global crisis?