Introducing GoStudio, your virtual event support solution. 

COVID-19 has been an unprecedented challenge for families and businesses around the world. Countless events have been rescheduled or cancelled globally as a result of the coronavirus, regardless of increased health & safety measures.

The challenge the events industry faced in such a short period of time was and remains overwhelming. We recognise the distress that our clients are experiencing and have created a solution to support them during this difficult time.

Virtual events are an effective alternative to delivering live events. As technical experts, we are experienced in running webinars, livestreaming and online events and have created a flexible solution for event professionals.

Introducing GoStudio, the virtual event support solution that will allow you to still Go Live.

Your event with GoStudio.

Our online event solution will allow event managers to deliver their event without a live audience. We have created a range of flexible options to help our clients achieve their event objective.

Our dedicated team will work with you to develop a tailored and bespoke package in line with your goals. We will carefully plan and thoroughly rehearse the event. As a result, you can achieve a polished, professional virtual event.

For example, whilst the opportunities are endless, we have listed below a few options for your online event:

Option 1: Webinars and Webcasting

We will support you to host a basic webinar with livestreaming or on-demand content. We can use any existing platforms or recommend an appropriate platform.

The webinar may take place from your office or virtual locations. We can provide the filming kit if required. Alternatively, we can use any kit you may already have. The webinar can be hosted on a branded webpage and can offer live chat, Q&A and polls. This is an excellent, quick solution while social restrictions are in place.

Option 2: Studio Event

The los angeles production studios Event is an online virtual event that can be broadcast without a live audience. It may include livestreaming, panel sessions and on-demand content. The online event can take place from your office or alternatively a venue if you have one booked for an event which has been postponed or cancelled. If you wish to host it at a venue but haven’t selected one, we can recommend one that will reflect the look and feel of your event.

We can support with many creative and technical elements when planning the Studio Event. This can include branded sets and backdrops, professional cameras and AV, on-site management, speaker management and technical support. The live sessions can be streamed to a branded webpage where the audience can view and interact with presenters and delegates.

The Studio Event is a great solution for event professionals who are currently facing postponed or cancelled events, but have already established their event programme and event brand.

Option 3: Live Virtual Conference

The Live Virtual Conference will offer a fully branded virtual world for delegates. To complement the virtual platform of your choice, we will create and deliver a fully branded studio environment. Additional sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities will be available. We can explore this option to support you further.

As an event production company we are here to help event professionals through these uncertain times by offering a range of virtual solutions. Each solution is scalable and flexible. We can include additional sponsorship opportunities, networking and live chat, Q&A, polls, on-demand content and registration management if required.

Webinars and webcasting have proven especially popular for people to continue to connect, deliver information and share knowledge in a safe environment.

How we will support you.

As an event production company we have a strong knowledge of delivering webinars and online events. Therefore, we know that a virtual event must be well planned. Additionally we appreciate that event managers will currently be searching for a quick solution for their live event. As a result we will completely customise and tailor a support solution that fits your event needs and goals.

For example, these are a few of the ways we will support you in delivering a seamless virtual event:

  • Selecting the correct webinar, webcasting or livestream platform to reach your event goals
  • Pre-recording presentations if a presenter is unavailable for the live virtual event
  • Creating and designing any content or presentations that are required
  • Creating and designing a branded backdrop for presenters if required
  • Supporting with venue selection if required
  • Managing speakers and presenters
  • Testing all technical equipment and network connections
  • Rehearsing in advance of the virtual event, webinar or webcast
  • Ensuring there is a clear and quiet environment
  • Providing sponsorship options
  • Providing audience networking, Q&A and polls

To conclude, we are dedicated to supporting our clients and event managers through this challenging time. As an event production company we want to assure you that we will work with you to create and deliver a bespoke, professional solution so you can achieve your event objective. Your GoStudio solution will allow you to still Go Live from anywhere in the world.

If you’re ready to Go Live, follow this link to learn more or contact us today and we will be happy to chat through your requirements.