Sustainability in events.

Sustainability has become a hot topic within the event industry. Event professionals across all elements of event planning have started to review their event practices. This will allow them to reduce the environmental impact of their events from reduced delegate waste to eco-friendly travel solutions.

Consequently, as an event production company, it is our responsibility to create environmentally friendly event solutions. This allows us to support our clients and partners in achieving their sustainability goals.

The International Standard ISO 20121 states that ‘sustainable event management is the process of integrating environmental and social responsibility issues into event planning.’

As experts in technology, we create environmentally friendly event solutions using technology as much as possible at events we produce.

If we see an opportunity to replace printed graphics or artworks with digital signage, we will! And if graphics are still a requirement, we will print these on reusable or recyclable materials when we can.


For example…

An excellent example of our contribution to sustainable events is a recent project we produced for a long-standing client at the Landmark, London. Our client is focusing on how to be more sustainable and recognised that they were producing a lot of printed waste.

As a result, we went digital. Throughout the venue, we installed screens to replace printed signs and designed engaging and impactful moving backgrounds for each screen – 19 screens were used in total!

Additionally, in the main plenary we used projection mapping which allowed technology to be the central feature on the stage. By creating a bespoke projected background, we eliminated the need for additional printed graphics or artwork.

Overall, we were proud to achieve a 90% reduction in single-use materials from previous years at this event. To find out more or to see our production, please click here.


A sustainable event production company.

In conclusion, as an event production company we pride ourselves on our flexible event support services. If sustainability is at the top of your agenda, we will create an environmentally friendly solution for your event, from creative design to technical production.

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